Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Vytautas Landsbergis

A leader of Sajudis, 1988-1990 and Lithuanian chief of state, 1990-1992. The scion of two distinguished lines of Lithuanian intellectuals, Landsbergis in Soviet times was a musicologist, specializing in the work of Mykolas Čiurlionis, a Lithuanian artist and composer.

When Sajudis first came into being in 1988, Landsbergis won attention for his talent in writing and vocalizing the thoughts the Lithuanian public was formulating. When Sajudis turned to political affairs in the fall of 1988, he became the chairman of Sajudis.

As a member of the USSR Congress of People’s Deputies in 1989 he stood out in the Lithuanian delegation, and in March 1990, after Sajudis had won a majority of seats in the Lithuanian State Council, the Sajudis Deputies’ Club directed his election as Chairman of the council’s Presidium and thereby Lithuanian chief of state. The parliament went on to declare Lithuania’s independence of the Soviet Union.

Landsbergis then led Lithuania in its confrontation with Moscow, which culminated in the Soviet attacks on public buildings in Vilnius in January 1991. Landbergis went on to serve as a member of the European Parliament.




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Location:  Eastern Europe
Capital:  Vilnius
Communist Rule:  1940-1941 / 1944-1990
Status:  Independence restored - 11.03.90
Victims of Communism: